Welcome to Life Teen Fatima!

It’s hard to believe that our inaugural year of Life Teen Fatima is now behind us! It began with a pizza social, then a youth mass, and now we’re a full-on youth ministry program! Be sure to check out our 2019 Highlights Document and recall some of the great memories from Life Teen Fatima so far. We have hit some great milestones so far, but we’re just getting started! Buckle up for an exciting new year.

It’s very moving to stop and look back at all the progress we have made in the journey of Life Teen Fatima. It’s soul-stirring to contemplate just how many you have been along for the journey itself. We are tremendously grateful for the blessings of support in our Parish community. The youth programs at OLF would not be possible without the immense commitments from all of you. To the Our Lady of Fatima community and beyond, thank you! Without you, this program would have never launched. Without you, this program would not have such a bright future.